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Today we will install and set up a LAMP server with subversion repository and phone based updating using
everything we've already learned, and built on to a Rack Space Cloud Server up running in no time.
Create a basic Debian 6 Linux Cloud Server and follow the instructions below, its that simple.
Step 1 Video
Step 4 Video - Seeing it all come together.
Step 1:
  ssh into your new Debian 6 System
  wget http://fearroot.com/twilio/subversion/install_scripts/build_from_scratch
  chmod +x build_from_scratch
  pecl install svn
  /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Step 2:
  1. Create a twilio application
       URL: http://yourip/subversion_update.php
  2. Create a twilio application
       URL: http://yourip/subversion_update_menu.php

Step 3:
  1. UPDATE /var/www/client-update.php
       with the application sid and account codes for subversion_update.php
  2. UPDATE /var/www/client-menu-update.php
       with the application sid and account codes for subversion_update_menu.php

Step 4:
  1. VISIT http://yourip/                         [demo homepage]
  2. VISIT http://yourip/demo                     [Subversion @ Revision 1]
  3. VISIT http://yourip/client-update.php        [Subversion Click to Update]
  4. VISIT http://yourip/client-menu-update.php   [Subversion Menu Update]

Happy hacking sysadmins ;)

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