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Today we will cover the basics of updating subversion via a menu driven twilio application using a php script and twiml

  • Linux Server
  • Twilio Account
  • Subversion
  • pecl
  • phpize
  • svn pecl libraries
*Note: you must check your files out saving the credentials, or using the file:/// method.

apt-get install php-pear php5-dev libsvn-dev
pecl install svn

Update php.ini for web environment and cli environments and add extension in as:

Now for the code, because after all, thats why you're here.

Update line 04 with your authorized phone number
Update line 05 with the location of your files to update
Update line 06 with the location of your subversion repository
header("content-type: text/xml");
echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n";
$authorized_users = array("+1NNNNNNNNNN");
$production_files = "/home/production_sites/";
$repository_location = "//var/svn/production_sites/";

if(!in_array($_REQUEST['From'], $authorized_users))
  echo ("<Response><Reject/></Response>");
} else {
  $web = array();
  $web['default'] = array('status','production_version','production_update');
  /* Get the menu node, index, and url */
  $node = $_REQUEST['node'];
  $index = (int) $_REQUEST['Digits'];
  $url = 'http://'.dirname($_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"].$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']).'/subversion_update_menu.php';

  /* Check to make sure index is valid */
  if(isset($web[$node]) || count($web[$node]) >= $index && !is_null($_REQUEST['Digits']))
    $destination = $web[$node][$index];
    $destination = NULL;
  // @end snippet

  echo "<Response>";
    case 'production_version' : ?>
      <Say>Checking the revision number of production</Say>
      $revision_number = exec("svn info ".$production_files." | tail -7 | grep \"Revision\" | grep -v \"Last\"");
      $revision_number = str_replace("Revision: ", "", $revision_number);
      echo "<Say>REVISION NUMBER IS: ".$revision_number."</Say>";
    case 'production_update' :
      $production_revision = svn_update($production_files);
      echo "<Say>The updated revision number of production is ".$production_revision."</Say>";
    case 'status' :
      $revision_number = exec("svnlook history ".$repository_location." | head -3 | tail -1");
      $revision_number = str_replace("/","",$revision_number);
      $revision_number = str_replace(" ","",$revision_number);

      $revision_log = exec("svnlook log ".$repository_location);
      $svn_author = exec("svnlook author ".$repository_location);
      echo "<Say>master repository revision :".$revision_number."</Say>";
      echo "<Say>Last author: ".$svn_author."</Say>";
      echo "<Say>Last commit message: ".$revision_log."</Say>";
    default: ?>
      <Gather action="subversion_update_menu.php?node=default" numDigits="1">
        <Say>Welcome to the Subversion Server</Say>
        <Say>For the production revision, press 1</Say>
        <Say>For the production update, press 2</Say>
        <Say>For the repository infomation, press 0</Say>

  if($destination && $destination != 'status') { ?>
    <Say>Subversion Server System</Say>
    <Redirect><?php echo 'subversion_update_menu.php' ?></Redirect>
Point a phone number at http://yourdomain.com/subversion_update_menu.php

Happy hacking sysadmins ;)

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