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Twilio + Subversion = Awesomeness by Shawn Campbell

Today we review the processes behind creating an updatable website by using Twilio and Subversion.

How it began?
After spending several months of constantly updating multiple trunks/branches/tags for a subversion repository and updating a
production and development site for a client repeatitively each week, sometimes even multiple times a day. I decided that there
was some room to save time, and worry more about developing and working with the team, than updating the site.

What was the overall outcome of this implementation?
This also allowed me to naturally pass the savings down to my client. Where this was originally being billed at 0.25 hours, I am now
able to get the same process completed in a matter of 3 minutes, now being billed at 0.05 hours. When you factor in the time spent
distracted, and alotting for potential typos in a manual update process of multiple repositories and environments, this wins hands

I essentially created the script as a mass script for multiple websites on a server to update a developement area for the client
to approve changes in progress, as well as a way to push approved changes to the live production area for public access.

I started out by using the simple menu demo available at twilio.com, updated the scripts with the needed changes and then out of
nowhere twilio webclient was released, thus opening a whole world of imagination. Next step was to bridge the gap from traditional
telephone and use the new technology to help bring this new feature to light and into the hands of the mighty root user, as well
as have a little fun in the process. In the end, you will end up with an automated script to download and run your next project
with approximately 15 minutes set up time.

Instructions for Version 1 - Dial in
Instructions for Version 2 - Menu Driven Dial in
Instructions for Version 3 - Start Developing - Combines above as well as the webclient, in an easy to deploy 4 step process.

Happy hacking sysadmins ;)

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